New Executive Board selected at Central Committee meeting


MCO Director of Political and Government Affairs Jeremy Tripp swears in the new Board. From left: Tripp, Ed Clements, Byron Osborn, Ray Sholtz, Bill Henderson, Tom Tylutki, Scott Waggoner, Cary Johnson, Brent Kowitz, and Andy Potter.

Please join us in congratulating the newly elected MCO State Executive Board!

Here are the results:

President –   Tom Tylutki (80)

Vice President – Andy Potter (unopposed)

Treasurer – Bill Henderson, SRF (unopposed)

Recording Secretary – Brent Kowitz, SMT (unopposed)

Trustee – Byron Osborn, URF (97)

Trustee – Ray Sholtz, SLF (96)

Trustee – Ed Clements, AMF (95)

Trustee – Cary Johnson, JCF (90)

Trustee – Scott Waggoner, ARF (76)

Other candidates:

President – Paul Jensen, ICF (19)

Trustee – Stephen O’Harris, CFP (20)

Trustee – Mitchell Gainer, ECF (12)

This Board will continue the great work the previous Board launched to engage members in a new way. Leaders are revamping our programs, and asking members what they would like to see in their union. We’re hearing from officers who are enthusiastic about the military members’ work, the officer dignity campaign, the corrections PTSD awareness initiative, and more. Stay tuned for further details on changes at MCO!