Press Release: Corrections Officer Recruits Graduate Today

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE News from Michigan Corrections Organization July 27, 2018 Contact: Anita Lloyd, 517-485-3310 ext. 121, Press Release: Corrections Officer Recruits Graduate Today 600 more COs to be hired to address dire CO shortage Sixty corrections officer recruits graduate today from the Michigan Department of Corrections Training Academy. The new COs start work Monday […]

Move Forward: The Value of Family

It is widely known that corrections is a difficult environment and officers get little recognition. From long hours to dangerous situations, it’s easy to ask why officers do the job. For most, that answer is easily traced back to one extremely important reason: family, and providing them with a humble living. That’s why family is […]

Registered to Vote? Sign Up Today Before It’s Too Late!

Monday, July 9 is the deadline to register to vote in Michigan’s August 7 primary election. Why Should I Register? As state employees, we have a unique opportunity to exercise our constitutional rights and elect our next bosses; however, in order to vote in a local, state, or national election, you must register to vote […]

From CorrectionsOne: Why a CO’s ongoing education is a matter of job security

Corrections officers are professionals, and a such, we should strive to stay up-to-date in our field. Here are some tips from CorrectionsOne for making sure your corrections skills and knowledge stay sharp. The following article originally appeared on CorrectionsOne, the most comprehensive and trusted online destination for correctional professionals nationwide, and is reprinted by permission […]