BULLETIN: MCO tells impasse panel about the staffing crisis

The impasse panel hearing took place today as scheduled. “Risk, Reward, Retention” was our mantra. MCO’s arguments focused on the years-long staffing crisis and MDOC’s inability to retain officers. MCO Legal Director Jeff Foldie presented several pieces of data, including staffing statistics, to show the problem is real, and that MDOC hasn’t adequately addressed the […]

MCO letter to Director Washington on annual leave DOM

Below is a statement emailed to MDOC Director Heidi Washington and MDOC HR Director Jonathan Patterson. It addresses their DOM released yesterday concerning annual leave scheduling and the passing of the vacation book. In the coming days, MCO will ask members to take action to tell the director how this change will impact you, your […]

Impasse hearing will be at 11 a.m. Oct. 31

MCO Legal Director Jeff Foldie will argue our bargaining position in front of the Impasse Panel. This is a public meeting, so members may attend. Seating will be limited. Our primary concern at impasse is the dangerous staffing crisis. WHEN: 11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 31 WHERE: 400 S. Pine St., Lansing, MI. Note: The building’s […]

Get your absentee voter application here

Members, don’t forget to vote absentee this year. Download the absentee voter application now. Print and complete the application and turn it in in person to your city clerk. They will give you a ballot on the spot, which you can complete and turn in. It’s too late to mail your application and receive an absentee ballot back […]

Impasse documents filed – read them here

As announced Oct. 4, MCO is at an impasse in bargaining. MCO has filed a legal documents with the Michigan Civil Service Commission’s impasse panel that outline our arguments. Read the legal brief. Read the exhibits filed with the brief. MCO Legal Director Jeff Foldie will argue our case before the impasse panel. The hearing will probably […]

Move Forward: The Value of Union

As we approach the end of 2018, MCO’s Move Forward campaign concludes with the value of Union. Move Forward has always been about much more than a simple poster, but what began as a statewide campaign to highlight the exceptional values of our members has grown into something much more important. Over the past year, […]

Send a strong message of solidarity – wear the anniversary pin

In facilities all over Michigan, MCO members are discussing Civil Service rule changes that are scheduled to take effect January 1, 2019. These changes are the result of a strategic attack on unions and another attempt by anti-worker organizations to silence the voice of workers and inject uncertainty about issues important to corrections officers and […]

MDOC fails corrections officers: MCO forced to go to impasse to address the staffing crisis

Michigan Corrections Organization and the Office of the State Employer are going to impasse on contract negotiations, and our key outstanding issue is the ever-growing staffing crisis. MCO has proposed several possible solutions to retain staff, but OSE and the Michigan Department of Corrections have denied all of them because of their cost – even […]

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