Learn About the Civil Service Commission’s New Attack: Annual Dues Reauthorization

UPDATE: Reauthorize your dues now. Go to mco-seiu.org/reauthorize to learn how.


The Michigan Civil Service Commission has ruled that all state employee union members must reauthorize their dues deduction every year. (The video states it’s a proposed change, but it’s official now. Read more in this bulletin. )

This is yet another deliberate attempt to defund unions and silence the voices of workers.

MCO would like to keep members updated on this situation and let you know how you can reauthorize, once that capability is added to the online HR portal. But we are severely limited in what info we can send to .gov email addresses. Make sure we have your most up-to-date home contact info now: http://www.bit.ly/UpdateMCO

MCO members have faced many challenges throughout our union’s 52-year history, and we’ve overcome them. In this moment, we stand shoulder to shoulder and continue to fight for our rights together.