From President Osborn: Stand with MCO – Reauthorize Your Dues Now

MCO brothers and sisters,

Today marks the beginning of the most important time period in the history of MCO. As you all know, recently the Civil Service Commission passed a rule that requires all state employee union members to reauthorize their payroll deductions for membership dues every year. That rule took effect immediately and we now only have until Oct. 3, 2020 to get all member’s dues deductions reauthorized for fiscal year 2021. If a member does not reauthorize their dues deductions by Oct. 3, then the state will discontinue your dues deduction until you go in and reauthorize it.

In our opinion, this rule change was intended for one purpose and that is to defund MCO by way of members forgetting to reauthorize their dues deductions. We will not allow that to happen. Since taking office two years ago, I have been committed to providing a better service and level of communication to all of our members. Your MCO State Executive Board members have also committed themselves to those same goals and we believe we are on the right track with showing the value of the union to all of our members. We only have ourselves to depend on and we must stand together. I’m asking all of you now to stand with MCO and reauthorize your dues deductions as soon as you can.

The online system for reauthorizing your membership dues deductions is now available on the HR Self Service website. You can log into the website using your work computer at the following link:  or from the shortcut you use to check your online earning statement, just click on Self Service and it’s the same password that you enter to check your earning statement. Once on the Welcome page, the steps are quick and easy:

  1. Click on Bookmarks in the top left corner
  2. Go to Employee Self Service
  3. Go to Pay
  4. Go to Dues Payroll Deductions
  5. Click submit on the Reauthorize button on the far right
  6. A confirmation screen comes up, click on Authorize

*Note – if you have newly joined or rejoined MCO during the past year, you do not need to reauthorize dues at this time as your current activation of dues counts for next year.

View a flyer with specific instructions and options for dues reauthorization. Please note that the online option is by far the easiest and fastest option and can be done right at work. Also note that the entire HRMN website is shut down the first four days of each pay period which is Sunday through Wednesday. If you have any questions or problems reauthorizing dues, please contact your local reps or the MCO office.

In solidarity,

Byron Osborn MCO President