MCO reaches tentative contract agreement highlighted by wage increases, benefit enhancements and two retention incentive programs that only apply to MCO members

UPDATE 10/14/21:

In our previous communications this week, we said eligible members should expect an invitation to vote on the contract by Oct. 15.

Due to technical issues, invitations to vote will be emailed Saturday, Oct. 16. Members will still have plenty of time to vote. Thank you.

UPDATE 10/13/21:

The Collective Bargaining Review is available to read here.


MCO and the Office of the State Employer (OSE) have reached a tentative agreement on a three year contract that includes a 7% pay raise over the first two years of the contract, a $3,250 retention incentive, guaranteed overtime pay on worked holidays, an additional state holiday, healthcare enhancements and state paid funeral leave.

Here are more details:

• 5% increase in October 2022. This is the largest one-year wage increase in more than 30 years.

• 2% increase in October 2023.

In 2023, the parties will negotiate wages that will take effect October 2024.

Retention Incentive Pilot Program
All MCO represented classifications will be eligible for a $250 per pay period incentive payment that will begin on Jan 9, 2022 and run through July 8, 2022.

To earn the incentive, members will be required to physically work 80 hours in the pay period. All regular hours, overtime hours or comp time used in the pay period will count toward the 80 hours. Annual leave or sick leave used in the pay period can be made up for by working overtime in the pay period.

The incentive results in $3,250 for anyone who physically works 80 hours in all 13 pay periods of the pilot. No other state employees are eligible for this incentive.

Holiday pay pilot
Bargaining unit members will be guaranteed overtime pay on worked holidays, even if they use sick or annual leave in the pay period.

This pilot would start Jan. 9, 2022 and end Jan. 7, 2023.

New holiday
Juneteenth will be added as a state holiday.

Funeral leave
Bargaining unit members will receive 8 hours of leave to attend the funeral of immediate family members, without having to use their sick leave.

Paid parental leave
This LOU granting 12 weeks of paid leave will be extended.

Healthcare Enhancements
Numerous enhancements are in the TA and will be explained in the bargaining summary coming soon.

MCO declined to renew the pre-shift LOU. Pre-shift will end Dec. 31, 2021.

The agreement is subject to approval by MCO members who are eligible to vote and by the Civil Service Commission. Like in 2019, contract voting will be electronic. The contract voting ballot will be emailed to your state email address this week.

Thanks, members, for your support.