3/19/24 Update- hybrid pension bills


The next step in getting the hybrid pension bills moved through the legislature is to request that the House Labor Committee schedule a hearing on House Bills 4665, 4666 and 4667. The Senate Labor Committee already held a hearing on their version of these hybrid pension bills and now we need the House Labor Committee to do the same. To refresh everyone on what is required, the hybrid pension bills must be passed in both the Senate and House in order to be submitted to the Governor for signature into law. A few weeks ago, we asked all of you to use the link to send your Senators a letter asking them to support the bills, and nearly 3,000 letters were sent. Now, we need you all to use this new link to send a letter to the members of the House Labor Committee asking them to schedule a hearing on these bills. Please take a few moments to use the link to send them the letter. You can access the link HERE, and we will also email the link to everyone.

B. Osborn

MCO President