4/8/24 Hybrid pension update-


An email was sent out to all of you a few minutes ago that contains a link to a NEW letter that you can send to your elected Representative in the State House of Representatives. The letter asks them to support House Bills 4665, 4666, and 4667 which would give our members the option to join the Michigan State Police Pension Plus Retirement System. A few weeks ago we asked all of you to send a letter to your elected State Senator, and we had approximately 3,000 letters sent. We need that same huge push again. As a reminder, these bills are active in both the House and the Senate and we need both chambers to support and pass the bills. Please send the letter, it only takes a couple of minutes. You can also send the letter here- https://act.seiu.org/a/public-safety-officer-pension-package-house-representatives-outreach