6/27/24 – Update on hybrid pension legislation

Early this morning the state budget was finalized by the Legislature and the funding for the hybrid pension bills was not included in it. It is a setback for getting the bills passed but does not mean that the bills are dead in the water. The Legislature set aside $20 million in supplemental funding so the bills can be reconsidered in September when they return to session. It’s obviously not the news we wanted, but the bills are still alive and now we must put all of our effort into asking these legislators to utilize this additional funding and vote to pass the bills when they return to session. There is no sugarcoating it, it’s still an uphill path to get the funding approved and the bills passed but the fact that they’ve set aside additional funding means that they are still under consideration. We will prepare our messaging to the House, Senate and Governor that will express our disappointment in their decision to not include the funding in the budget for this legislation that we know would effectively address our staffing crisis and insist that they utilize the supplemental option to fund the bills. This is where our solidarity comes into play, we will need everyone to stay on this and continue to contact these legislators and the governor when we send out the links to send letters. We must also keep showing them the reality of what’s going on in the facilities with the staff shortages, out of control mandatory overtime and unsafe working conditions. We have done all the work possible to get these bills introduced and put before our elected officials to act on them, and this is the endgame where we must be the loudest. It’s a setback, but we now have a choice to throw in the towel or fight for it. We will prepare messaging for all of you to send out and encourage you to send your own as well.

B. Osborn
MCO President