June 2024 Report – Baraga Correctional Facility

During June 2024, Baraga Correctional Facility officers faced:

  • 969 overtime shifts;
  • 560 mandates;
  • 405 closed positions;
  • 196 32-hour rule violations.

MCO Members remain steadfast in their professionalism and commitment to public safety as they continue to be punished by the staffing crisis. Baraga Correctional Facility, which is supposed to employ 184 corrections officers, currently has 62 vacancies with a vacancy rate of 33.9%.

Notable incidents from June 2024 include:

  • 6/5/24 *8 Prisoner Fight on Unit 4 Rec yard. Chemical Agent utilized. All Prisoners placed on Temp Seg Status; Health Care notified.
  • 6/6/24 * Prisoner assaulted Officer with shower scrub brush and attempted to break that brush, Personal Chemical Agent was utilized to stop his actions. Warden gave authorization for a move team and use of chemical agent as deemed necessary to gain compliance. Prisoner was removed from the shower stall and placed into Emergency Restraint Chair (ERC) and was given a cool down period.
  • 6/7/24 * Additional staff needed called in unit 5. Prisoner was observed with a state issued sheet tied around his neck and the vent and light fixture above his sink. Responding staff cut the sheet, Prisoner was placed on the floor. Life saving measures was started. Bay Ambulance was notified. Ambulance on grounds. Prisoner was transported to BCMH where he was evaluated by Doctor and pronounced Prisoner Deceased. Transportation staff remained with Prisoner until the coroner arrived and took over Prisoner’s body. Facility new total 656.
  • 6/11/24 *2 Prisoner Fight on unit 4 yard.
  • 6/13/24 * Prisoner assaulted Prison Counselor through upper food slot with a weapon.  Move team and Chemical Agent Authorized by Deputy Warden to move Prisoner from 3-104 to 2-143 high security.
  • 6/13/24 * Prisoner (2-232) refused to move to cell 2-117. Move team and chemical agent authorized by Deputy Warden. Chemical agent administered twice, move team breached cell 2-232. Prisoner secured in cell 2-117.
  • 6/14/24 * Yards cancelled due to staff shortage.
  • 6/15/24 * Facility on lockdown.
  • 6/19/24 * Prisoner threatened Sergeant.  Prisoner refused to comply with staff orders to exit the cell.  Assistant Deputy Warden authorized move team and chemical agent. Move team to cell, Prisoner refused to comply to staff orders.  Chemical agent was administered, Prisoner complied moved to 3-130.
  • 6/20/24 *Prisoner 3-143 had outlet cover off at end of dayshift move team authorization given by DW. Horrocks complied with move team orders while securing him in cell 3-143 prisoner resisted staff and kept his wrist and leg restraints. Prisoner 3-143 gave wrist restraints back to staff hour later still has leg restraints. 1 staff member escorted to BCMH for possible injury due to incident with Prisoner.
  • 6/20/24 *Prisoner 3-126 took control of upper slot move team and chemical agent authorization given by DW Horrocks, normal risk for chemical per R/N Nurmi, chemical agents administrated by move team. Prisoner moved from 3-126 to 3-116.
  • 6/21/24 *Prisoner moved from 6-131 to 3-138 for threatening behavior.
  • 6/21/24 *Prisoner moved from 6-242 to 2-133 for possession of a weapon.
  • 6/22/24 * Rec yards cancelled due to staff shortage.
  • 6/23/24 * Rec yards cancelled due to staff shortage.
  • 6/28/24 * Prisoner 3-125 assaulted staff.