Watch: Impasse Panel video shows MCO’s advocacy at bargaining

Because the Michigan Civil Service Commission has now settled our contract, we are releasing the video of the Impasse Panel hearing Oct. 31. We realize parts of the video may be hard to hear, so we are also releasing the hearing transcript. Read the transcript here. MCO’s hearing starts where you see the red arrow. We […]

Press Release: Section of I-94 in Jackson will honor two slain corrections officers

Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill today that will rename Interstate 94 between exits 139 and 141 in Jackson to the “Corrections Officers Jack Budd and Josephine McCallum Memorial Highway.” Michigan Corrections Organization (MCO) partnered with Rep. Julie Alexander (R-Hanover) to pass HB 5923 and ensure Officers Budd and McCallum will never be forgotten. “They […]

Members and Families: Tell Director Washington how her Decisions will Impact You

Below is information about an email MCO is urging all members to send to MDOC Director Heidi Washington and MDOC HR Director Jonathan Patterson. Families of COs can also send a message to Washington and Patterson here to tell them how their changes will impact their family. Thank you, members, for sticking together.

Get your absentee voter application here

Members, don’t forget to vote absentee this year. Download the absentee voter application now. Print and complete the application and turn it in in person to your city clerk. They will give you a ballot on the spot, which you can complete and turn in. It’s too late to mail your application and receive an absentee ballot back […]

MDOC fails corrections officers: MCO forced to go to impasse to address the staffing crisis

Michigan Corrections Organization and the Office of the State Employer are going to impasse on contract negotiations, and our key outstanding issue is the ever-growing staffing crisis. MCO has proposed several possible solutions to retain staff, but OSE and the Michigan Department of Corrections have denied all of them because of their cost – even […]

Crisis Fund Raffle Tickets Coming Soon

Interested in buying tickets for this year’s Crisis Fund Gun Raffle? Your chapter president should receive tickets next week. Prizes are: 1st Prize: Hunt at Hopkins Trophy Outfitters: A trophy up to 150 in. buck and a doe with stay at Hopkins Trophy Ranch ($2,500 value) 2nd Prize:  $1,000 cash 3rd Prize:  Darton Toxin 100 […]

MCO points out the role of COs as first responders in the opioid crisis

MCO is elevating messages of professionalism in corrections in many different ways. Today, the Detroit News published a column by MCO Executive Director Andy Potter on the dangerous opioids flowing into U.S. prisons, and the role COs should play in combating them. Read the column on the Detroit News website. “Recognize corrections officers as first […]

Ojibway closure layoff unit announcement

As announced on this past Tuesday, the Michigan Department of Corrections is closing the Ojibway Correctional Facility in December of 2018. MCO met with MDOC officials on Thursday and agreed to designate the Ojibway and Baraga facilities as the layoff unit. MCO Executive Board members and staff will be holding informational meetings at the Ojibway […]

MCO pushes awareness of PTSD in corrections

Over the last three years, MCO has led a crusade within the State of Michigan to educate the public and legislature about the pervasiveness of Post -Traumatic Stress within the Department of Corrections. This work, which started in 2015, has included national research on the topic, a comprehensive study of the effect of PTSD on officers […]