MDOC plans to close Pugsley

Department estimates approximately $22 million in savings by closing the prison in Kingsley MDOC has announced the closure of Pugsley Correctional Facility, possibly in late September. MCO officials were notified this morning shortly before the announcement was made. MCO President Tom Tylutki is at the prison now hearing from MPF members and discussing their concerns. […]

Looking back on the 35th anniversary of Jackson, Ionia riots

It was 35 years ago today and that riots broke out at Michigan Reformatory in Ionia and the State Prison of Southern Michigan in Jackson. The Ionia Sentinel-Standard has written a story looking back on the chaos that ensued that day. Also, MCO staff scoured the archives to find news coverage of the riots. Check […]

In-Depth: Legislative update

Below is information on several legislative developments last week. MCO staff is sharing this information in an effort to better educate members on corrections conversations and decisions happening in Michigan and the nation. The Senate has approved a budget that could possibly close two unnamed prisons and require the MDOC to lease and operate the […]