MCO central office staff being realigned to engage and serve all members like never before

Over the last year, MCO leaders have been examining ways the union can better serve and engage members. It’s a critical undertaking in our current economic and political climate, marked by waning union power and a shrinking middle class. What can we do to change that narrative?

By now, members are familiar with Tomorrow’s Union Today, MCO’s plan to build member strength and future growth. The listening tours, military members’ initiative, corrections PTSD awareness , officer dignity campaign, and revamped education programs are all part of Tomorrow’s Union Today.

MCO leaders are also restructuring the central office staff to revolutionize the way staff interact with members. The regional labor representative positions will evolve. Instead of serving certain facilities, they will focus on specific areas of expertise, including member benefits, member engagement, and legal/grievance processing. Each position will serve members across the state.

Soon the office will welcome two member engagement associates; one member benefits associate; and a legal associate.

View a FAQ sheet with more information.

If you are not sure who to contact during this transition, you can always call the office at (517)485-3310 or email our general mailbox at Calls and emails will continue to be directed to the appropriate staffer.

June 1 will be the first day of a 90-day staff transition period. Leaders hope to have all work transferred to the appropriate area and associate positions hired during this period. The Executive Board’s goal is to have our new staff system fully in place by Sept. 1.

These changing roles and responsibilities will help MCO engage with members like never before, in areas that could vary from workers’ compensation, to retirement savings, to family vacation discounts. We’ve already started to do some more proactive member engagement work, like delivering water to MCO members in Flint.

MCO is revolutionizing the best practices in our industry. Other unions have taken notice that we are transforming the way we do business to better position our members to win. That is something all corrections officers can be proud of.

Thank you for your support.