2022-2024 contract online now – read it here

MCO bargaining unit members are now under a new contract, effective Jan. 1, 2022. Read the 2022-2024 contract here.   This three year contract includes a 7% pay raise over the first two years of the contract, a $3,250 retention incentive, guaranteed overtime pay on worked holidays, an additional state holiday, healthcare enhancements and state […]

Impasse hearing will be at 11 a.m. Oct. 31

MCO Legal Director Jeff Foldie will argue our bargaining position in front of the Impasse Panel. This is a public meeting, so members may attend. Seating will be limited. Our primary concern at impasse is the dangerous staffing crisis. WHEN: 11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 31 WHERE: 400 S. Pine St., Lansing, MI. Note: The building’s […]

MCO bands together to support WHV COs

What an awesome day yesterday at WHV. Dozens of members came to the MCO cookout and enjoyed a break with fellow staff. MCO hosted the cookout to show our solidarity and appreciation for WHV officers, especially the women who have faced 8-hour mandates multiple times per week. View more photos on Flickr. Here’s what a […]

WHV members, join us for an appreciation cookout Thursday!

MCO is hosting a special appreciation cookout for the members at WHV! All the details are in this flyer. We are still looking for women officers at other facilities to volunteer. If you are interested, please email Cary Johnson as soon as possible. WHO: All WHV MCO members. WHAT: Appreciation cookout for all WHV MCO members. […]

Serving the Public as Corrections Officers, One Generation at a Time

In many families throughout Michigan, public service is a tradition. The McVeans are one of those families. Jim (Mack) McVean just retired after a career with the MDOC of more than 25 years. His son, Maxwell, recently celebrated his 10-year anniversary with the MDOC. “We started working together at Macomb, and I was disappointed when […]

Should you vote absentee in Aug. 7 primary?

Saturday is the last day to request to vote absentee in the Aug. 7 primary election. Due to unpredictable mandates and travel times between work and home, MCO recommends members consider voting absentee if possible. Download and print an application for absentee voting at the Secretary of State website. You must return the application to […]

Move Forward: Fulfilling our Purpose in Corrections

It’s no secret that criminal justice reform is sweeping the nation. From state legislatures to the halls of congress, legislation is being introduced everyday with an eye on decreasing the U.S. prison population and exploring new and different ways of preparing incarcerated individuals for life on the outside. But in all of this reform, where […]

Recognizing Corrections Officers And Their Values as Part of Law Enforcement

Michigan Corrections Organization is proud to recognize May 6 through 12, 2018 as Correctional Officers Week. During this week, we recognize corrections officers, who exemplify professionalism, integrity, and strength in the face of a difficult and often dangerous work environment. Corrections officers have a thankless job but play a vital role in the criminal justice […]

The Value of Recognition

For correctional officers, recognition is rarely a motivating factor in performing one’s duties or acting to ensure the safety of an institution. Recognition is this month’s value in the Michigan Corrections Organization – Move Forward Campaign. Throughout the campaign, we’ll introduce a shared value of our membership, accompanied by a unique poster, every month until Labor Day […]