Move Forward Campaign Puts Corrections Work in the Spotlight

The “Move Forward” campaign ties together all of our recent efforts to promote professionalism in corrections and draws attention to the diverse and unique work expected of the modern-day corrections officer.

Through the campaign, we’ll introduce a new value, accompanied by an inspirational poster, every month until Labor Day 2018. These posters will be displayed on the union bulletin board at your facility, the MCO website, Facebook and new Instagram page.

The campaign is also a way to affirm our position that as corrections officers, we can have a meaningful influence on policy and help shape the direction of our statewide and national criminal justice systems. By speaking with “One Voice,” MCO has created a nation-wide effort to inject the voices of officers into the corrections reform debate. This allows you the ability to impact the safety, health, and security of staff and inmates alike.

This is how we start to change the narrative and tell a new story about corrections officers.