Important staff realignment info and resources for members

Dear Members,

Since spring 2015, MCO leaders and staff have launched many new initiatives to better engage members and do everything we can to address your needs, your families, your concerns, and your interests.

Many of you have participated as we have tried out these new ways of working. Thank you for engaging. We’ve embarked on a state-wide member listening tour; researched and spread awareness of corrections PTSD; created a special committee to address the needs of MCO military members; partnered with law enforcement groups to address officer dignity; and more.

To build on these successes, we are realigning our central office staff to better engage and serve members. We are following best practices in our field and moving to a model of specialization. The former Labor Representatives are doing a different kind of work based on their areas of expertise instead of regions. Read detailed information on the new work the former Labor Reps are doing, along with changes to other staff positions and new hires.

Also, here is a quick reference guide for contacting staff. MCO has also released this flyer on the changes and a FAQs sheet. Further details are in the May 13 and May 20 KYIs. Additionally, a letter and resources are being mailed to all members. Look for it in the mail soon.

The world is rapidly changing, and labor unions must change with the times. The MCO Executive Board realizes that in this new Right to Work era, we can’t get by just doing what we’ve always done. We have to take greater steps to be of service to members, and go far beyond the always-important enforcement of the contract. These are the messages the MCO Board heard from all of you loud and clear during the listening tours last year, and union leaders and staff are up to the task.

This transition will take some time. If you are unsure who to contact at any time, you can always email the general mailbox at or call the central office at (517)485-3310. Calls and emails will continue to be directed to the appropriate staffer.

These are tough but exciting times for MCO. We look forward to connecting with you personally as we embark on this work to serve and engage members.


The MCO State Executive Board

Resource links:

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